Where’s a superhero to save the Earth when

Where’s a superhero to save the Earth when you need one?

Gaia, the goddess of nature is the great mother of all. With her powers, no one and nothing can stop her from being the hero in the quest to save the Earth. When it comes to protecting the environment, Gaia is here.


Image               Gaia Lekas was born in Crete, Greece’s largest island. Her parents were avid swimmers and professors at the University of Crete. Both of her parents were passionate about social justice and environmental issues. For this reason, they gave their daughter the name “Gaia” meaning “earth”- the goddess of nature in Greek mythology. Gaia’s father was a marine biologist and her mother taught environmental studies and was the coach of the university’s swim team.

               Gaia loved swimming and by the time she was in college, she was the fastest swimmer on the team. Gaia was an average girl and did not get into much trouble, until the day she saw a tourist polluting the water near her home; this changed her life forever. Crete was becoming a paradise for tourists and travelers who came to the island for vacations. These tourists and foreigners polluted the water and some of them remained permanently, becoming horrible fishermen, depleting the fish in the sea.

               One night, Gaia went out to swim with a knife and tried to cut the fish nets to let them free. However, her leg got stuck and she started to drown. While under water, many chemicals from the foreigner’s boat fell on her. Many people never saw Gaia again. Her friends in Crete thought she had died in that accident, but she didn’t. Only her parents knew what truly happened to her.

               After the accident, Gaia grew a mermaid tail and the chemicals gave her supernatural powers. The chemicals were not tested before and they did not have any effect on the fish but it changed Gaia forever. Gaia now lives in the sea and uses her powers to suck the oil and other chemicals out of the sea, without harming the animals. She sucks the oil and turns it into floating marine and freshwater plants, which clean up the water and provide a source of food to the endemic fish. She has cleared tons of waste throughout various oceans to create these floating plants. These floating plants have absorbed many tons of greenhouse gases from the face of the earth. This has in turn been very helpful in monitoring the melting ice caps. Her parents now can only see her when they go out to swim and she always has special gifts for them from the depths of the ocean whenever she meets them.



Farida Elgindy

Faisal Al-Bitar

Cindy Zavala


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